The Black Bears made history last week, and this week the team is sharing it with a man who helped get it here.

Jack Cosgrove was at the helm of Black Bear football for 22 years. He hired a young Joe Harasymiak as an assistant defensive back coach that he found at Maine Maritime Academy.

Cosgrove promoted Harasymiak to defensive coordinator and when Cosgrove retired three years ago, Harasymiak took over.

Cosgrove no longer works at the University of Maine but there was no question he would be on this trip.

"Maine football is coach Cos, through and through," Harasymiak said. "Just couldn't be prouder to call him a friend. It's pretty special to have him here. It was pretty cool, I texted him and said 'you're coming' and he said 'honored to' so, he didn't even delay so it was pretty good."

Cosgrove says he wouldn't have missed it.

"It was really, really, cool. You know, I mean it is a great honor to be here to see where they are, what they accomplished. I tried to follow as best as I can down in Waterville but it's not the same as being here in the action and just really proud of what they've accomplished." He said.

The two friends were all smiles at the team's final walk through and there's no doubt Cosgrove will be cheering on the Black Bears on Saturday.