PORTLAND, Maine — Free throws will be getting a little bit closer to their stated value when the Maine Red Claws return from their summer break.

The NBA G League announced on Thursday, Sept. 26, that new rules will go into effect in the upcoming basketball season regarding penalty shots for fouls.

Traditionally, a foul shot has only been worth a single point. But the fouled player is then granted however many opportunities it would take to make up for the point-value of the interrupted shot. If the initial shot was made despite the foul, the fouled player is allowed an uncontested bonus shot worth a single point.

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Under the new rules, a fouled player will be granted only one opportunity from the foul line worth the full value of the missed the shot. Depending on the circumstances of the play, a single foul shot could be worth one, two or three points.

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The old rules will still apply during the last two minutes of the fourth quarter, as well as any overtime periods.

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As the research and developmental arm of the NBA, the G League often serves as the "test kitchen" for new rules under consideration by the parent organization.

The Portland-based Red Claws are the G League affiliate of the Boston Celtics. Under new head coach Darren Erman, the team will open the 2019-2020 season on the road in Delaware on November 9. The first home game of the season is set for November 15 at the Portland Expo against Fort Wayne.