BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Playing in Maine's high school basketball tournament is a thrill for any team -- but for the teams from the Millinocket towns, it's a chance to spread some light through their community.

"Being up here just kind of brings the pride back to the town you know our parents and grandparents that have played in the games," Schenck High School sophomore Travis Thompson said. "They want to see us succeed and they love seeing us play and they love seeing us win". The boys basketball team won their game Tuesday against Hodgdon -- they will move onto the semi-finals on Friday. The team hopes to pull of another victory and really give East Millinocket something to cheer about.

"Enrollment is down under 120 and there's less and less jobs in the town" Senior Justin Thompson said. "For us to have success with such a small town and small community means a lot to everybody I think".

The Stearns girls basketball team was also on the court Tuesday afternoon -- hoping to make Millinocket proud, the town right down the road from East Millinocket. "Our girls program has never won any state championship in any sport" Coach Mike Brown said. "So I think it would mean a lot to the community and hopefully we can do that for them".

Player and senior Mackenzie Carter agrees with her coach. "Its definitely about everyone thats here for us and for the people that have come to every game at home and away" Carter said. "We really want to win it for them".

Stearns won their game Friday against Narraguagus -- they too will play in the semi-finals Friday afternoon.