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A Mainer and his "good boy" take care of the turf at Gillette Stadium

Ryan Bjorn of Old Town has a four-legged assistant to help him take care of the Patriots' home turf.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — When it comes to field management at Gillette Stadium, there's only one top-dog.

Boyd is the six-year-old border collie/husky mix who patrols the Patriots' home turf. Ryan Bjorn of Old Town brought Boyd with him to Foxboro when he was hired as the stadium's Field Superintendent back in August. Boyd's job: to make sure birds don't make a mess of the place. 

"Our routine starts the same way every day." says Bjorn. "We're checking practice fields to make sure there are no birds out there, and I'm checking to make sure the fields are in good condition."

Taking care of the turf takes training, and Boyd's had a bunch. He's learned to listen to commands, and when nature calls, he knows to keep his business off the fresh paint.

"Any short grass, he won't go anywhere near it. He's really good about going in mulch beds and off the fields," laughs Bjorn.

That's good, since Ryan and Boyd have been busy preparing the field for the playoffs. They've become a popular team at the stadium. The friendly pup pauses to say hi to fellow staff members before getting back to work.

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For Ryan, who still has lots of family in Maine, working at Gillette with his best friend by his side is a dream come true.

"Our goal out there is to make sure it is safe, playable and it looks nice," says Bjorn. "Whether it's logos or grooming or things like that, we're always making sure we're keeping it up to snuff." 

…or in Boyd's case, up to sniff.

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