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Your Garden: In these conditions, overwatering is OK

Maine is not in drought conditions, but plants may be suffering. Cindy Williams is joined by Tom Estabrook to talk about watering in Your Garden

Water, water, water - our plants need it, especially right now. It has been a relatively dry summer. We are not in drought condition, but we certainly were last year, and that likely had a long-lasting effect on your plants. 

In fact, if your plants struggled this year it is likely because they didn’t get enough water last year. We are running at a deficit this year, and Tom Estabrook of Estabrook’s says, “There’s really no such thing as overwatering right now.” You may notice some of your plants are showing signs of stress. 

For example, the leave at the base may be turning yellow. Since it’s too early for plants to be turning for Fall, that means there’s something wrong. Ideally, you want to stop the stress before signs appear.   

If a plant is showing stress, it’s not enough to give them a quick spray. Set our hose on a trickle and leave it at the base of the plant to soak in over 30 minutes or so.

Tom says, "If they are newly established plants they need to have a good moat around them so the water can’t just runoff. And we fill that mode up a couple of times and that’s a watering. Continue to water all summer long all the way till the ground is almost frozen and you will have a much healthier plant. They will be able to fend off insects and diseases. And also you won’t have some of those hardiness diet back issues we sought the last winter or two.” And if you have fruit trees, the fruit is likely showing and maturing. Water is crucial right now to get a healthy crop.

Happy Watering everyone.