PHIPPSBURG (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Two kittens are safe after a woman is arrested following reports from witnesses that she threw them into a pond in Phippsburg.

Police say witnesses reported seeing Justin Lovig drag the two small, gray Bengal kittens across the ground by the leashes and then throw them into Center Pond on July 4th. Allegedly, Lovig may have thrown the kittens in several times.

Phippsburg Police Chief John Skroski told NEWS CENTER Maine that when Officer Zechariah Thomas arrived on the scene following calls to the department, he saw Lovig emerging from the pond with the soaked kittens, wrap the kittens in a shirt inside her car, and try feeding them an egg salad sandwich. Lovig failed a field sobriety test and was arrest and charged with operating under the influence, cruelty to animals, and violating conditions of bail. She is being held at the Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset.


The two kittens were brought to the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick and are now staying with an undisclosed foster family and are said to be doing very well.