MAINE, Maine — It's that time of the year! Beaches in Maine are flooded with folks from all over the world. But there's one thing to look out for while hitting the sand this summer, and that's seals.

Recently, a number of baby seals have been found resting up on the shores along the coast. The process for seal pups to learn to be on their own, away from their mother can be exhausting.

According to the Marine Mammals of Maine, on southern Maine beaches, many people try to help these young seals by feeding them or wrapping them up and bring them to the water. However, these actions usually do more harm than good.

This is what Marine Mammals of Maine says you need to know: 

                 - Seals are very susceptible to stress. Being handled, attempted to be fed, forced into the water, or denied much-needed rest can be fatal to these animals.

                  - Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act it is illegal to approach a seal within 150 feet, as well as feed, handle, or harass any marine mammal.

                   - If you find a marine mammal and feel it is in need of help, please report it to your local stranding network. DO NOT APPROACH. In Maine, call 1-800-532-9551.