It is a scam investigators say cost a Kentucky woman more than $750,000.

“You don't believe something like this can happen, that someone can get bilked out of that much money.”

Baaki Abdul Majeed, Thomas Inkoom and Kahad Wuupini were all indicted. Last month, the federal court document recently unsealed revealing the details of an online romance scam. The three men were accused of pretending to be a Sergeant with the US Army.

With the internet and social media being what it is, it’s easy to set up a fake account and start luring people in.”

The victim believed to be in a relationship with Sgt. James Nehmer. Through that lie, the men convinced the victim to send money for an investment in gold and silver. It didn't exist.

“This is one of the more frustrating scams out there because the people being targeted are the hardest to convince they are being scammed. Loved ones just watch them throw good money after bad.”

Investigators said the victim mailed personal checks, cashier's checks and cash. At times, those checks were as large as $95,000. They said the three men created businesses to facilitate receiving that money.”

Experts at the Better Business Bureau said there is a reason these scammers often see success in these online romance schemes.

“They believe what they are being told. This is a scam that hits you at the most personal level a personal relationship someone is declaring love. Does this sound right? Is this person too perfect to be true? Ask yourself the hard questions.”