BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Veterans from around Maine were honored at the 97th annual VFW state convention Friday afternoon in Bangor.

They were joined by familiar faces -- Senator Angus King and Congressman Bruce Poliquin. The convention celebrates the completion of another year with awards and recognition. In addition to awards for service, they also presented a 13-thousand dollar check to the 'House in the Woods' project, which is a retreat for veterans in Lee.

Those with the VFW said this event is a good reminder of what they all stand for. "Serving the present while remembering and honoring the past sums it all up" Steven san Pedro said. San Pedro is the state commander for Maine's VFW. "We serve the veterans in our communities today but we honor the past by our rituals -- showing the recognition that's due to those veterans that led the way and paved the way for not only our veterans but for our country.