BANGOR, Maine — More than 1000 were on hand on Wednesday to see what the University of Maine's best and brightest have been studying. 

The Cross Insurance Center in Bangor played host to the 4th annual UMaine Student Symposium. Hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students were on hand to present their research findings. 

"Our main focus is actually helping the state of Maine at the local level, the state level, and then looking nationally at how we can apply what we've learned to impact a greater percentage of the population," said vice-president of graduate student government Elisabeth Kilroy. 

Students presented on topics including arts, health care, science, engineering and education. 

"I was just really interested in changing what we know about heat transfer," said Benjamin Thompson, a senior at UMaine. 

Students presented physical projects, as well as posters with their research findings and gave oral presentations. 

Wednesday's student symposium was part of Maine Impact Week, which celebrates University of Maine faculty and students on their contributions to their communities.