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Two great white sharks surface near the Outer Banks

Ocearch's shark tracker showed Jane and Brunswick -- two great white sharks -- surfaced just off the coast of North Carolina near the Outer Banks.

NAGS HEAD, N.C. — Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, two great white sharks made a stop at the Outer Banks.

OCEARCH, a non-profit organization that researches great white sharks and other large apex predators, proved it.

Jane, a 10-foot 521 pound female great white shark and Brunswick, a male 8-foot 9-inch great white, pinged off the coast of North Carolina near Buxton on Wednesday.

Jane was the first female white shark ever SPOT tagged in Canadian waters. OCEARCH said the young shark has been hanging out near the Outer Banks for the month.

After tracking the female shark, researchers said Jane has traveled over 1,800 miles in 103 days.

Brunswick, who weighs about 430 pounds, is considered a sub-adult. It's the age between a juvenile shark and an adult shark. He was tagged on February 26, 2019, near Hilton Head, SC.

In the past 103 days, Brunswick has traveled over 1,000 miles.

A third shark, Luna, also pinged off the Carolina coastline earlier this month.

May and November are popular months for great white sharks to pop up off-shore of North Carolina and Virginia. It is part of the natural migration period, traveling in the spring and the fall between their northern breeding grounds and their winter home near Florida.

OCEARCH has tagged over 400 animals, click here to learn more.