NEWBURGH, Maine — Some 300 Christmas trees are headed south from Newburgh today, destined for servicemen and women with the hope of bringing them a little bit of holiday cheer.

Veterans from every branch of the military load the Christmas trees into a FedEx truck at Piper Mountain Christmas Tree farm.

Donated from tree farms across the state, they’re headed to Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in South Carolina, and some will make their way to troops overseas.

A Vietnam veteran from Bangor still remembers the tiny “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree his wife sent him while he was deployed.

It didn’t arrive until Jan. 10.

"It still meant more than anything in the world," Dean Williams of Bangor said Monday. "So we had it in our little office for a short while and we redid Christmas because we got a tree, and it came from Maine."

The owner of Piper Mountain, Mac McCullen said this is a tradition he and his family love to be a part of and they hope to continue it for years to come.

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