PORTLAND, Maine — When David Augustus Dickson immigrated from Jamaica in 1911, perhaps no one but him imagined that he would build a great American family.

He sent for his fiancee, Mary Daly. They married at St. Luke's Episcopal Cathedral and raised five incredible children in Maine.

All five would graduate from Portland High School.  The four boys went to Bowdoin. The daughter graduated from Radcliffe. 

Two of their sons became physicians, another an optometrist and the other a college president.

Their daughter, Lois Dickson Rice, became National Vice President of the College Board and is considered the "Mother of the Pell Grant."

In 1950, Mary Daly Dickson was named Maine's Mother of the Year.

Their incredible story is told here with comment from Mary's daughter who came to Maine to visit family every summer. That daughter is Susan Rice who has held a number of prominent government positions including U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

Ms. Rice will release an autobiography entitled "Tough Love" in the fall.