Week two of our new Sunday Social segment had Jess Gagne, Clay Gordon and Cory Froomkin howling with laughter. That's probably because of Clay's pick for favorite post:

This post of a dog mimicking a passing siren was shared on the Scarborough Fire Department's Facebook page. Talk about a pup that knows how to stop traffic!

Jess' favorite post comes from a sports celebrity who had some trouble renting a car recently:

I guess some people put fake names in on the rental car list? Either that, or this guy never thought he'd see a skateboarding legend walking around at Avis.

Last but not least, Cory's post proves you're only as old as you feel:

A 96-year-old woman, known to the internet as the Dancing Granny, gets down with family at a wedding. She's got the moves that will make anyone smile!