BUXTON, Maine — For the last two decades, students at Bonny Eagle have paired their love for science and technology with a little friendly competition.

Each year, the team competes in a number of competitions around the state and sometimes the country.

Most recently, the team took home first in their division at 'Worlds' in Detroit, Mich., beating out more than 60 other teams from around the world.

Together, the team must brainstorm, sketch and bring a robot of their own to life. The robot must be capable of completing specific tasks, so students take about six weeks coming up with the final product and coding to go with it.

"We all work on prototypes and make things out of wood and wood screws," one member said. "We take whatever comes out the best, and we use a computer-aided design software to make it into something real."

Those on the team say there is so much more to the club than just science. They do a number of community service and fundraising projects throughout the year. It's a chance for them to hone a number of skills, all while having fun with their imagination. 

"This is really a club for everyone," another member said. "Everyone competes really hard against each other, but if someone needs help, they will lend a hand -- it's really amazing, and that's my favorite part about the program."

To learn more about the program and competitions, click here.