There is something that happens when you watch someone tell a story, live, in front of you. They are not reading, or relaying, but drawing from their memories, the feelings and emotions of something that happened to them. They may embellish, or stretch the truth, or share their greatest fear, gnashing teeth and naked faces and all. It might make you laugh, or cry, but somehow this is how we pass experience from one to another.

Stories Outside is an event that is being curated by Adam Burk + Friends in partnership with L.L. Bean and the LIfe Happens Outside Festival. Adam Burk is a seasoned storyteller & promoter of these kinds of events, think TEDxDirigo, that's him. And he's brought in seasoned storyteller Shannon Bryan, of who can spin a yarn about a run up a mountain in the middle of the summer so compelling that somehow you might find yourself doing it. In association with Maine's leading outdoor brand, and the clever new ad campaign, LL Bean, they are hosting this event on Sunday, August 19 at Discovery Park in Freeport. 8 people will stand up in front of a live audience and tell stories, personal stories about their experience. From summiting Mt Kilimanjaro, solo sailing from Maine to Mexico, these stories range to the depths of human capacity.