UPDATE: Vice chair of the RSU 73 school board, Michael Morrell, confirms that the board voted to accept Superintendent Todd LeRoy's resignation.

The superintendent of RSU 73 intends to resign following weeks of "disruption to the educational process," according to a union member.

A mother of a middle school student, Linda Flagg, says the middle school principal will serve as interim superintendent.

In an e-mail to the president of the RSU 73 Education Association, Todd LeRoy wrote that he would submit his resignation.

LeRoy e-mail to Harnden
LeRoy e-mail to Harnden
Rob Taylor

School staff voted 'no confidence' in superintendent Todd LeRoy on Tuesday night by a 155-4 count.

"The staff expressed concern with the recent actions of Mr. LeRoy and the atmosphere it has created in all of the schools," wrote Rob Taylor, Grievance Chair of the RSU 73 Education Association. "The RSU 73 Education Association feels we need strong leadership to insure a constructive and safe learning environment and the staff has made it clear they feel that Superintendent LeRoy was not providing this."

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Part of the shake up in the district involved the temporary removal of Spruce Mountain High School prinicipal TJ Plourde. Staff learned Plourde was suddenly no longer principal as of December 21st, according to Taylor. RSU 73's school board chair, Denise Rodzen, told NEWS CENTER Maine on January 3 that Plourde "remains employed" by the district.

Students surprised Plourde when he returned to the school.

Parents of kids in the district said Thursday that this outcome makes them feel conflicted.

"Our goal was to bring TJ [Plourde] back and have this superintendent resign or be terminated," said Linda Flagg, a mother of a middle school student. "The part that has left us unsettled is at what cost financially?"

The RSU 73 school board has had to consult a legal team multiple times throughout this process, according to LeRoy and Rodzen.

NEWS CENTER Maine reached out to LeRoy for comment, but got no response.

The school board will have to consider LeRoy's resignation if and when it is submitted.