BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Thousands gathered at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor Saturday to hear Donald Trump talk about the current state of the economy, healthcare system, and immigration.

Supporters were surprised when he brought up a heavily contested issue in Maine: the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

Trump appealed to his supporters in Maine by heavily criticizing the sitting president.

“Radical Islamic terrorism … Obama refuses to use that term,” the GOP presidential nominee said. "Unless you’re going to define a problem, you’re never going to solve it.”

It was not the only decision by President Obama he questioned. He referred to the president’s Affordable Care Act as a disaster. “But we are going to stop it,” Trump said.

Thousands of fans cheered as Trump accused Obama of overstepping his boundaries when declaring a national monument in Maine.

“No consideration was made for local concerns, impacts on jobs, or the Maine forestry sector, which is so important for [Mainers],” he said.

Mainers with a special connection to the new Katahdin monument are standing behind his comment.

“I agree,” Alva Philbrook said. “I don’t believe the president should’ve taken action to take land away from Mainers and hurt the logging industry so that he could claim it as protected federal lands.”

Trump supporters fear if Hillary Clinton is elected, there will be four more years of Obama-like policies.

“People have got to wake up,” Sue Parsons said. “If he is not elected, our country is gone.”

Trump encouraged his supporters to get out and vote by either showing up to the polls on Nov. 8, or requesting an absentee ballot.