FARMINGTON (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- The buzz around Maine Wednesday was two-fold. One: it seemed everyone had something to say about the midterm election results. Two: many people needed some sort of energy boost after staying up late for said election results.

For the first time ever in Maine history, a woman will move into the Blaine House. And as Governor-elect Janet Mills touted Tuesday night, the first governor from Franklin County.

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“I’m so excited that Janet got elected," said Donna Carlton, a Farmington resident. "I’ve been waiting for her to be elected for a long time.”

“There’s something about voting for one of your own,” said Siiri Stinson, who lives in another town nearby. She says she’s proud of the support her community showed Governor-elect Janet Mills at the polls.

“You know she’s a part of the community," she said. "Not just a name or a face that is associated with Farmington. She’s actually present. And I don’t know how her being Governor will shift that. I hope it doesn’t shift too terribly much because that’s important.”

A shift in leadership though, is what others are looking forward to.

"I hope that Governor Mills is going to be more compassionate for the workers and the people in this state and there are many who are struggling economically," said Robert Ryan. You can’t keep cutting back social programs.”

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Local business owners like Ernie Scholl have known Mills and her family for decades. We stopped in Everyday Music, where they just started making this sign to set on the sidewalk.

“She’s a person that should accomplish great things for the state,” said Scholl.