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Shawn Moody | Voice of the Voter candidate profile

Moody is a 2018 gubernatorial candidate.

NAME: Shawn Moody

CANDIDACY: Governor of Maine

PARTY: Republican

HOMETOWN: Gorham, Maine

RESIDENCE: Gorham, Maine


- Founder, Moody's Collision Centers
- Member, University of Maine System board of trustees
- Member, Maine Community College System board of trustees


- "Creating good paying jobs and growing our economy: Perform a comprehensive review of all government red tape with the goal of increasing speed of permitting, reducing fees, and eliminating duplication." (shawnmoody.com)
- "Fighting government waste and lowering taxes: Protect the rainy day savings fund Governor LePage worked so hard to build." (shawnmoody.com)
- "Lowering healthcare costs and protecting care: Work to bring back successful Maine reforms, overridden by Washington, that increase competition, allow the purchase of health insurance across state lines and lower costs for Maine people." (shawnmoody.com)
- "Continuing welfare reform: Use state government to help promote the dignity that comes with a job, not just a government check, by connecting training and work availability with those who try entering the system, and performing a skills assessment when somebody applies for benefits." (shawnmoody.com)
- "Addressing Maine’s failed referendum process: Reform the initiative signature gathering process and the wording of questions so Mainers can control the decisions affecting their lives, not out-of-state special interest groups." (shawnmoody.com)
- "Protecting our 2nd Amendment while improving school and public safety: Fully uphold the Oath to protect and defend the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as well as Maine’s Constitution which states under Section 16: “Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.”" (shawnmoody.com)
- "Ensuring a quality education, with budget controls, and a focus on Maine careers: Prioritize parental and local control in education curriculum decisions." (shawnmoody.com)
- "Fighting the opioid crisis and violent crime: Ensure law enforcement has the resources they need to catch the criminals - including strengthening our criminal code for addictive opioid drug trafficking and tools to track the traffickers." (shawnmoody.com)
- "Helping stop illegal immigration: Work with federal government to comply with federal law and prohibit sanctuary cities in Maine." (shawnmoody.com)
- "Supporting a pro-life culture In Maine: Oppose any state taxpayer money for abortions." (shawnmoody.com)
- "Standing behind our veterans who protected our freedoms: Continue support for Veterans educational and employment programs and Veterans Service Offices." (shawnmoody.com)


- Website: shawnmoody.com
- Facebook: /moodygov
- Twitter: @Moody4Gov


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- Maine Audubon goes solar with help of Moody's Collision (March 2015)


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