AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — If Question 1 is approved by voters it could be scrutinized by lawmakers when they reconvene in January.

This comes after Attorney General Janet Mills and Cumberland County District Attorney Stephanie Anderson voiced their concerns about language in the citizen initiative, which they say would repeal a section in criminal law and allow minors to possess marijuana.

Supporters of Yes on 1 say the concerns are invalid and only people 21 and older would be allowed to possess marijuana.

Lawmakers say if the proposal passed, it could be amended or appealed, but lawmakers don't want to go too far and change the spirit of the initiative.

'That doesn't mean we won't take a look at it and say we need to do some tweaking, and the Legislature will take that on,' Sen. Dawn Hill, D-York, said.

If Question 1 passes, it won't become law until 40 days after Election Day.