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Bruce Poliquin ends his appeal of ranked-choice voting

District 2 Representative Bruce Poliquin ends his appeal of the ranked-choice voting process.

Rep. Bruce Poliquin released a statement on his Facebook and Twitter accounts announcing he is ending legal proceedings against the election of democratic opponent Jared Golden under ranked choice voting.

"I’ve done everything possible to protect the one-person, one-vote Constitutional right of my fellow Mainers," Rep. Poliquin said in his statement. "For over 100 years in our State’s history, the candidate who received the most votes won. Elections here have always been straightforward and non-controversial."

Rep. Poliquin went on to say, "Even though rank voting is unconstitutional, and therefore illegal, under Maine law in general elections to choose state officials like our Governor and State Legislators, the Maine District Court and 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston both disagreed with the Constitutional arguments raised by the former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission and his legal team. 

As such, despite winning the largest number of votes on Election Day, I believe it's in the best interest of my constituents and all Maine citizens to close this confusing and unfair chapter of voting history by ending any further legal proceedings."

Rep. Poliquin went on to wish democrat Jared Golden the best during the coming term. He said it has been an honor and privilege to serve Maine in Congress.

Poliquin asked a federal judge to require a new election be held for the Second District Congressional race against Jared Golden if he does not rule against ranked-choice.

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Poliquin won the first count by about two thousand votes, but ended up losing the ranked choice count to Golden by about three thousand votes.

Jared Golden will take over as the new representative of Maine's second district. 

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