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Trump: ‘I should win the state of Maine’

President Trump said on Fox & Friends Monday he thinks he will win Maine, citing measures he’s taken to help the Maine fishing industry.
Credit: Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — Monday morning on Fox & Friends, President Donald Trump said he thinks he should win Maine in the upcoming General Election.

“I should win the state of Maine,” Trump said.

Trump’s hopes for the outcome of Maine, which is largely considered a swing state, came up as Trump and the hosts discussed the oil and gas leasing program within Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that was approved Monday by the Department of the Interior.

In June on Trump’s visit to Maine, Trump met with leaders of the New England fishing industry and announced he would rescind future protections of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument, freeing up areas for commercial fishing.

“In theory, I should go down as a great environmental president,” Trump said Monday on the show. “Obama shut down 5,000 square miles of fishing and lobster fishing in Maine…I opened it up for Maine.”

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Environmental groups oppose the Trump administration’s actions concerning the wildlife refuge in Alaska and the marine national monument off Cape Cod.

In a statement to NEWS CENTER Maine, Oceana, the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation, called Trump's proclamation "another nail in the coffin" for fisheries and healthy oceans in New England.

During the interview on Monday Trump also mentioned the actions he’s taken to help lobster fishermen with financial assistance to make up for lost income from Chinese tariffs. 

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Trump cited the tariffs and opening up the once-protected waters for fishing as reasons why he thinks he should win the state in November.

“I mean what I did for them was…you know…I don’t know that I will. I think I know I'll win half of it. I'll win Maine too but I should win the state. I've done things that no other president would be capable of doing ya know…hate to brag but I have no choice.”

Watch the full interview with Trump on Fox & Friends here. The comments about Maine happen around the 50-minute mark:


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