AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Speaker Mark Eves has officially asked the House, "Do you consent to coming in for a special session of the Legislature to take action regarding the Governor's conduct?"

The members have until Tuesday, September 6 at 5:00 PM to respond.

A press release issued Friday said, 'Maine cannot afford to spend the next two years lurching from crisis to crisis caused by Governor LePage's erratic behavior instead of working on issues facing Maine people. He is unfit to serve as Governor and must resign or be removed from office.'

Eves said, 'The first step required under the Maine Constitution is for the Speaker of the House to poll all members of the House on whether or not they agree to come in for a special session. Today, I am taking that action.'

Eves and Lepage have been embroiled in a major controversy over the last few months. Eves accused LePage of interfering in Eves' job search at the Good Will-Hinkley school last year.

Eves sued the Governor for threatening to withhold state funding from the Goodwill-Hinckley School after the school named Eves as president. School officials then rescinded the job offer.

Eves claimed the governor abused his power by blackmailing school officials into taking the job away from him.

A federal judge threw out the civil lawsuit against Governor LePage.