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Maine activists in D.C. protesting Sen. Collins, claim she isn't listening

A handful of Maine activists were in Washington D.C. Wednesday demanding a promise from Sen. Collins that she will ‘do what’s right’ surrounding President Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — A small group of Mainers made the trip to Washington D.C. this week to demand a fair and impartial impeachment trial, saying their main focus is getting Senator Susan Collins to hear their concerns.

"Nothing about the structure of this trial, if you look at it, is fair to the American people -- it’s not even fair to President Trump," Damariscotta resident, Josephs said. "I mean, let the witnesses be heard."

Those activists are part of the group called ‘Mainers for Accountable Leadership’ – a well-known organization aimed at holding Maine's delegation to their promises. It is also has a history of anti-Collins movements.

However, those Maine demonstrators who traveled to D.C. say they aren't like other activists. They admit some are known to stir the pot, but they say their approach is more civil and allows a chance for a conversation.

They wanted to check in with both of Maine's senators, but their main focus was Sen. Collins, who they feel is not listening to the people who helped get her elected.

"We are concerned that she will make a calculated decision based upon wanting to win votes," MFAL's Executive Director, Marie Follayttar said. "Rather than protect the constitution and check power."

Of the less than a dozen Mainers who stood in Collins' office Wednesday, half of them said at one time they supported and even voted for the Republican senator. However, they say in recent years, they have felt her moderate approach is more of a stalling and political tactic than anything else. 

"We came to share our disappointments, but also our hope," Camden resident, Emily Qualey said. "We voted for her, we trusted her to represent Maine values of truth and justice."

Qualey and others in the group took turns sharing their own testimonies and reading those of others who couldn't be there to share their frustrations with Collins. 

"Don’t disappoint us," Qualey said. "There’s still time to make a difference and we’re hoping and begging that she will make a difference."

While Collins was not available to speak with this group in person Wednesday, her campaign office sent us this statement:

"Senator Collins meets with thousands of Mainers every year. On at least three different occasions, she has met personally with members of MFAL — a Democratic advocacy organization that is actively campaigning against her — and her staff has met with them dozens of times as well."