MANCHESTER, N.H. — Tuesday's New Hampshire primary win for Bernie Sanders wasn’t a big surprise, but in his victory speech Sanders basically predicted it shows the start of a national movement that will end up defeating President Trump.

“And let me say tonight that this victory here is the beginning of the end for Donald trump,” Sanders told a cheering, sign-waving crowd in the field house at Southern New Hampshire University.

His victory had been predicted by several polls, but it was still a close contest against Pete Buttigieg. As the vote totals came in, Sanders maintained a slight lead of several thousand votes all night. Finally, with more than 75% of the votes actually counted, he claimed victory.

Buttigieg was second, with Amy Klobuchar a somewhat surprising third, followed by Elizabeth Warren. Sanders predicted New Hampshire will be just the beginning.

“And this is a movement from coast to coast which is demanding that we finally have an economy and government that works for all of us, not wealthy campaign contributors,” Sanders said.

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It was a message very familiar to supporters, and one that will be heard over and over as the campaign moves forward. 

From New Hampshire, the primary campaigns move to Nevada and then South Carolina, before the March 3rd Super Tuesday primary, which will have votes in 15 states, including Maine. Those elections will likely be critical to determining who will be the Democratic nominee.

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