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Verifying claims from last week's 'Question One Forum'

NEWS CENTER Maine held a 'Voice of the Voter' forum regarding 'Question 1' last week, here's what we've been digging into.

Samantha York (NEWS CENTER Maine)

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Published: 12:56 PM EDT October 30, 2021
Updated: 1:16 PM EDT October 30, 2021

It's one of the most most expensive campaigns in Maine's history and one initiative that has been both contentious and confusing: Question 1.  

The question was initially presented to Mainers as a petition which received more than 80,000 signatures, more than enough for the secretary of state to certify that it be on our ballots in November.

Next month, Mainers will head to the polls to cast their vote on the issue. Question 1 reads: 

Do you want to ban the construction of high-impact electric transmission lines in the upper Kennebec region and to require the legislature to approve all other such projects anywhere in Maine, both retroactively to 2020, and to require the legislature, retroactively to 2014, to approve by a two-thirds vote such projects using public land?

Last week, NEWS CENTER Maine held a 'Voice of the Voter' forum regarding the ballot question. Here are some of the claims made by participants we've been digging into.

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