PORTLAND, Maine — Protestors in Maine are calling on Sen. Susan Collins to end the partial federal government shutdown. Organizers rallied and then marched to her office in Portland to deliver a large letter with demands that she publicly call for a vote and stand with Maine workers who are currently furloughed.

Some in attendance are working without a paycheck, including TSA employees in Maine. Bill Reiley is a TSA worker from Alfred, Maine and the vice president of the American Federation of Government Employees. Reiley said his co-workers couldn't join him at the rally because they were on the clock.

"They are at the Jetport," said Reiley. "They're protecting the flights and protecting our national security. They are doing it as an indentured servant because they are not being paid."

The rally was held prior to Sen. Collins speech on the Senate floor Wednesday. Collins spoke in favor of President Trump's proposed plan to end the government shutdown. The president's plan includes three years of temporary protective status for dreamers and funding for the border wall.

Collins' spokeswoman says she also intends to vote for a Democratic alternative to reopen the government.

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Senator Collins also talked about the Dreamers part of the plan saying she would rather their protective status to be permanent, rather than for just three years. 

The Senate will vote on President Trump's plan to end the government shut down Thursdsay. 

Another protest rally is planned Thursday in Portland and Bangor at 1:00 p.m.