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Poll shows more than half of Maine voters won't vote for Trump in 2020

The Maine-based Pan Atlantic Research group released its 55th poll of 500 randomly selected Maine voters. 53.2% said they will not vote for President Trump's re-election.
Credit: Pan Atlantic Research

More than half of Mainers are not expected to vote for President Trump in the 2020 presidential election, according to a new poll.

The Maine-based Pan Atlantic Research group released its 55th poll of 500 randomly-selected voters in the state. Both of Maine's Congressional Districts were represented by half of those polled. The poll was split 31% Democrat, 36.1% Republican, 31.8% Independent.

Donald Trump for reelection, according to the poll:

  • 27.3% definitely vote for Trump
  • 14.8% consider voting for Trump
  • 53.2% definitely not vote for Trump
  • 4.6%  don't know

These findings closely aligned with an ABC and the Washington Post poll where 56% of Americans said they would "definitely not" vote for Trump in the 2020 election.

Maine women found President Trump more "favorable" than Maine men. 54.7% of women polled said they have a "very favorable" opinion of Donald Trump compared to 40.7% of men polled. 

55.7% of Maine voters polled said they disapprove of President Trump's job performance while 37.2% said they approve. Maine's 1st Congressional District voters disapproved ten times more of the President's performance than voters in Maine's 2nd District. 

Almost half of Maine voters polled believe the government should provide national health insurance while 37% did not want such a program and 14% were undecided. 

Independent Senator Angus King came out on top of the poll in favorability ratings among Maine's politicians. 

Very favorable Maine Political Figures

  • 40% Senator Angus King 
  • 23% Senator Susan Collins 
  • 25 % Gov. Janet Mills
  • 16% Rep. Jared Golden 
  • 14% Rep. Chellie Pingree 
  • 8% Speaker of the Maine House of Reps. Sara Gideon

Mainers polled were split down the middle on how the state's economy is doing as a whole, but when polled from each Congressional District they varied with more voters in the 1st District feeling like the economy was "moving in the right direction," 56.7%, and only 29.9% of voters in the 2nd District feeling similarly. 

Maine economy heading in right direction

  • 43.2% heading in the right direction
  • 42.3% heading in the wrong direction
  • 14.4% don't know

58% polled expect their household economic situation to stay the same in 2019, while 18% expect things to improve and 16% fear things will worsen. 

Maine's economy by Congressional District


  • 56.7% right direction
  • 33.6% wrong direction
  • 9.7% don't know


  • 29.9% right direction
  • 50.9% wrong direction
  • 19.1% don't know

Key issues facing the state of Maine

  • 28.4% Healthcare access and insurance coverage 
  • 18.1% High taxes
  • 12.9% Opioid crisis
  • 10.2% Cost of living
  • 9.9% Jobs/employment
  • 14.8% Other issues
  • 5.7% Don't know 

When polled by party affiliation Democrats found healthcare and insurance to be of most importance while high taxes was more concerning to Republicans.