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Political signs in Maine still being stolen, vandalized

Political parties in Maine say they have never seen this kind of destruction before.

MAINE, Maine — With just weeks to go before the election, political campaign signs are still being vandalized and stolen.

"I'm 70-years-old. I've been doing this for 40 years. We've never heard or experienced this," said Eleanor Dudek.

Eleanor Dudek said eight of her Biden/Harris campaign signs have been stolen from the front yard of her Standish home.

"We felt angry that we were just exercising our free speech. Every night when darkness falls, we go get the signs that are in front of our home and bring them back in for the night," said Dudek.

The anger is why Biden supporters held a virtual event Tuesday night to discuss the vandalism. They said they want to turn it into action for the Democratic ticket.

"I would love to know what the motivation is," said Dudek.

The vandalism isn't just happening to Democratic signs. Republican campaign signs are also being destroyed.

"The first thing the Biden campaign should be doing is telling their people to stop vandalizing our signs. We've had thousands stolen and vandalized across the state," said Maine GOP Executive Director, Jason Savage.

Savage said his team has pressed charges against people destroying signs.

"Stop infringing on your neighbors first amendment right. Leave other people's things alone. It's pretty basic. Everyone needs to respect that their neighbors can have a difference of opinion without destroying their stuff," said Savage.

Both Savage and Dudek said they have never seen this kind of destruction before.

Those caught vandalizing or removing political signs in Maine could face fines up to $250.