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Political Brew: Trump remains top topic

3 weeks until the presidential election, analysts Phil Harriman and Ethan Strimling join NEWS CENTER Maine's Don Carrigan for this week's Political Brew.

MAINE, USA — From debates to COVID to the 25th Amendment, President Donald Trump again dominated this week’s Political Brew.

Analysts Phil Harriman and Ethan Strimling discussed whether there should be more Presidential debates, and which candidate needs them more. They disagreed on the extent to which Joe Biden is actually leading in polls, with Strimling citing a new poll showing the democrat with a 12 percent lead, while Harriman said he believes polling still does not accurately reflect conservative voters, meaning the race is much tighter than that.

They agreed the vice presidential debate had no clear winner and disagreed over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s new effort to give Congress a say in any effort under the 25th Amendment to have a president declared incompetent and removed from office. Strimling said he thinks it is just a move by Pelosi to “get under Trump’s skin," while Harriman said that is a poor reason to use the power of government to make a major change.

Finally, both agreed the Maine Legislature needs to hold a special session to act on multiple issues that have gone unaddressed for months.