PORTLAND, Maine — It's been years in the making and now the redacted version of the Mueller Report is out. Attorney General William Barr released the blacked-out version to the public on Thursday.

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NEWS CENTER Maine's political analysts John Richardson and Phil Harriman spoke Sunday on The Morning Report about its release.

In the report, specifically volume two, Special Counsel Robert Mueller pointed out numerous occasions where President Trump attempted to obstruct the investigation into Russian 2016 election campaign meddling.

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"If it were Mr. Trump, I think he would be indicted," said Richardson. "I think it is very clear there were 10 attempts on the president's part to interfere with this investigation. That he is the president and there is a Department of Justice memorandum saying you can't indict a president is why he fell short."

Phil Harriman says there were indications of obstruction of justice with the president, but there wasn't enough evidence. 

"What is clear is what the president has been saying that there was no collusion with the Russians is absolutely true," said Harriman. "Had he just zipped it and kept his mouth shut we wouldn't be talking about this."

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Moving forward, both Harriman and Richardson agree it will be difficult for the Trump Administration to govern following the report.

"Their credibility is even lower than it was before the report, particularly with the media," said Harriman. "There were numerous instances of claiming 'fake news' that wasn't fake."

"I think there is a ray for the Republicans," said Richardson. "We had one U.S. Senator speak up and talk about how despicable it was with the lies and the deceit to American people. And I think that has to be more of an echo-chamber within the Republican Party."

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