BRUNSWICK, Maine — U.S. Sen. Angus King wants to hear from constituents ahead of Wednesday’s expected final impeachment vote.

King, an independent, is holding a listening session Sunday afternoon. He says he’s been listening intently to the arguments presented during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and wants to hear from Maine people directly about their perceptions of the case.

The Senate voted Friday to block Democratic calls for new witnesses and documents, all but ensuring Trump’s acquittal.

Senator King told NEWS CENTER Maine this week he would vote to convict President Donald Trump of the impeachment charges. 

"I will likely vote guilty, because that's what the facts appear to me," King said at his Washington office.

King said he has been taking copious notes throughout the trial and believes the evidence presented shows 'serious' and 'inappropriate' action taken by the President. He believes it is an impeachable offense.

Along with King, Maine Sen. Susan Collins voted with the Democrats for witnesses, but that was not enough.

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