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Congressman Golden to oppose Biden's Build Back Better bill

The moderate Democrat is breaking from his party again on a major policy, adding they can 'do better.'

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — Congressman Jared Golden, D-Maine, announced Thursday he will vote against a $1.7 trillion social spending bill backed by President Joe Biden.

The moderate Democrat once will again break from his party, although it is unlikely to stop the legislation from passing. Golden was one of two Democrats to vote against the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan in March.

The historic legislation taken up in the House of Representatives Thursday seeks to make sweeping investments in health care, child care, and the fight against climate change.

Golden cited his concern over a tax dedication included in President Biden's Build Back Better Act that the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget claims would overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy.

"Throughout consideration of the Build Back Better Act, I have been focused on getting the best possible deal for my constituents. That means digging into the details of the legislation and offering constructive feedback on how to improve the bill, as I have for the past several months," Golden said in a statement.

The SALT (state and local taxes) change would raise the cap from $10,000 to $80,000.

Golden claimed he "disagreed" with his colleagues that the provision was worth accepting to pass the "rest of the bill."

"I believe we’ve made progress so far, but there is still time left, and it’s not too late to do better," he said.

The congressman has voiced his concerns about the president's plan since the beginning, saying he was waiting for the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office to weigh in.

On Thursday, the CBO projected the Build Back Better Act would increase the national deficit by as much as $160 billion over the next decade after accounting for taxes and savings to finance it. Democrats and the Biden Administration argue it will be paid for by cracking down on high-earners. 

Golden did not rule out voting in favor of a future bill if it undergoes likely revisions in the Senate. 

Democratic Congresswoman Chellie Pingree has supported the legislation from the start, touting its investment in prescription drugs like insulin, health care for veterans, and climate change mitigation.

"#BuildBackBetter is the largest effort to combat the climate crisis in American history," Pingree tweeted Thursday.

Watch Golden's full interview with NEWS CENTER Maine below.

Watch Pingree's full interview below. 

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