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Former Gov. Paul LePage talks upcoming election and his decision to return to Maine politics

One of things he discussed was why he was making the decision to return to politics.

PORTLAND, Maine — The Maine gubernatorial election is not for another nine months, but there is already a lot of talk about former two-term Gov. Paul LePage getting back into the race after four years away from the office. 

LePage and his wife, Ann, spoke with NEWS CENTER Maine’s Lee Goldberg recently. One of things he discussed was why he was making the decision to return to politics.

“Because I love Maine. I love Maine," LePage said. "I love the Maine people, and I think that what has happened the last three years is unbelievable. I'm a capitalist, I believe in capitalism."   

During his eight years in office, LePage often made headlines but not always for not the right reasons. He said the time away from office has changed him. 

“The big change in me has been the last four years watching what's going on in the country," he said. "I am absolutely convinced that if we continue to hate each other, if we don't find a path to at least like each other and respect each other, our country is in for doom. Our constitution will not survive. We need to find a path to have civil discourse so we can talk both sides of the argument.”

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When asked what she would say to Maine voters about why they should vote for her husband, Ann offered this. 

“I would have to ask the question, 'Are you better off today versus where you were four years ago?' When we decided to do this we prayed about it," she said. "If the Maine people want us back, they will have us back. If they choose not to have us back, I am in charge of Plan B.”

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