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Political Brew: LePage and Biden are top political topics

Our analysts this week are attorney and longtime radio talk host Democrat Ken Altshuler and Republican Ray Richardson of WLOB Radio.

MAINE, USA — The former Governor and current President garnered many mentions on this week's edition of Political Brew. However, Analysts Ray Richardson and Ken Altschuler have very different views on Paul LePage's run for a third term as Maine Governor.

Richardson, who says he and LePage are close friends, said he thinks the former GOP governor has a good chance of defeating incumbent Democrat Janet Mills because there is much discontent over her decisions on spending and the pandemic restriction. He says she has treated very different parts of Maine as if they were all the same. Altschuler, who said he likes LePage personally, countered those arguments. He said he believes most Mainers approve of the way Mills has handled the pandemic overall and that most of those agreeing with Richardson's view are not likely to support Mills anyway.

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The analysts also disagreed with the push by Maine Senate Republicans to have Mills relax vaccine mandates for nursing home workers and allow a testing option. Richardson says if the vaccination mandate is implemented, more nursing homes would close. Altschuler said the spread of the virus makes it essential to have all staff vaccinated.

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When the discussion moved to President Biden and the border, the two analysts generally agreed, saying they don't understand Biden's policy and what is being done about the tremendous increase in immigrants crossing the southern border. While Vice President Harris was designated months ago as taking charge of the border problem, both analysts wondered what she was doing to deal with the tens of thousands trying to get into the U.S.

Political Brew airs Sundays on the Weekend Morning Report.

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