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Political Brew: Biden documents, Mills' budget, and DHHS needed change

Our analysts this week are Ray Richardson of WLOB Radio and attorney Ken Altshuler, former co-host of the WGAN Morning News.

MAINE, USA — The week's revelations that President Biden had classified documents from his time as Vice President prompted criticism from both Republican Political Brew analyst Ray Richardson and Democratic analyst Ken Altshuler 

"How do you make these kinds of mistakes?" asked Altshuler, who added that the situation is different from that of former President Trump, who also took documents when he left office.

"It looks bad, and AG Garland was right to appoint a special counsel," said Altshuler.

Richardson said it made Biden look bad, particularly after he had criticized Trump for failing to return classified documents to the National Archives. He also made a broader point about the government's overall treatment of classified documents.

"We create these documents deemed classified, and yet we somehow treat them very cavalierly…How do we develop classified documents and then not return them for six years? 

The two analysts also discussed the House of Representatives under GOP leadership and whether the lawmakers will pursue payback against Democrats and the Biden Administration or focus more on cutting spending and other concerns.

On Maine topics, both Altshuler and Richardson were critical of Gov. Janet Mills' proposed two-year budget, which contains an increase of nearly $1 billion, after she had suggested in an interview two weeks ago it would be a "cautious" budget.

 "I'm not happy with it," said Altshuler. "I think we have an opportunity to show fiscal responsibility. People say  Democrats don't know what that means, but I do. "

He added that a minor cost of living increase in the budget would not be a problem but said the Governor's proposal is "too high".

Richardson said the size of the budget increase surprised him. "Governor Mills came out before the budget release saying she would be cautious because of recessionary fears. If this is cautious,s I'd hate to see her swing with the big bat. A billion dollars and a percent increase are crazy."

Both said they would support some level of tax reduction, given the state's continuing revenue surpluses, but also agreed that doesn't appear likely at the moment.

And both were very critical of the state's child protective system under DHHS, saying it is not working as it should and that significant change is needed to protect children better.

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