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'We want to protect democracy'

The Maine State Nurses Association held a 'count the votes' car caravan Saturday starting in Bangor and ending in Orono.

BANGOR, Maine — The state of Maine saw a lot of sunshine and a lot of honking Saturday. Just before noon, NBC News called the Presidential Election in favor of Joe Biden.

After the news broke, Mainers took the streets in Portland to celebrate the projected result that would make Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States.

In Bangor, car honking was happening before the announcement came in. The Maine State Nurses Association (MSNA) held a 'count the votes' car caravan in support of all legal votes being counted in this race, even though Biden is projected to win.

“We want to protect democracy, we want to ensure that all the votes are counted across the entire nation," Erin Overson, an association member, said. “No matter who wins or loses it’s just very important that every vote is counted."

A few dozen nurses, union members, and other Mainers took part in the caravan, taping signs to their cars that began the journey in Bangor and went up to Orono.

Credit: NCM

“We just kind of want to give people a feeling of unity," MSNA President Cokie Giles said. “We just need to protect democracy, let every vote count, and whichever way it goes, we go that way.”

Overson added the claims of election fraud are undemocratic and called the lawsuits filed by President Donald Trump's administration, "frivolous." 

Many participants in the crowd know all too well about the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic in our country. Health care workers have been on the front lines of this pandemic since March, some even losing their lives to the virus. 

Among other reasons like health care and climate change, this pandemic is a big reason why these nurses and caravan participants back Biden.

“We need somebody to do their best to take a hold of it and follow science," Giles said.

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After the brief 20-minute drive to the Orono traffic circle, the honking cars went their separate ways.

Credit: NCM

Although it is projected that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States, it will still take days for all legal votes to be counted and tallied from this election.