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Maine National Guard Captain reflects on inauguration mission

"We were pleased that nothing happened," said Maine National Guard Captain Jonathan Bratten.

MAINE, USA — Members of the Maine National Guard said their presence served its purpose at the inauguration.

"We were pleased that nothing happened," Maine National Guard Captain Jonathan Bratten said.

More than 175 Maine soldiers were among 25,000 troops from across the country, providing security at the U.S. Capitol. Captain Jonathan Bratten said it was an all hands-on deck operation.

"You'd go in, two in the morning, and come off two in the morning and would have 24 hours to relax," said Bratten.

He said their location didn't allow them to see the inauguration but said there was excitement in the air.

"You definitely had a sense that it was a special day," said Bratten.

Soldiers will be heading home in the next few days, while a new group of Maine National Guard members will be heading to D.C. to provide support for the next several weeks.

Captain Bratten said no Maine members rested in a parking garage and said all members are healthy.