AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine ACLU released a statement criticizing the LePage administration on what they believe to be the mishandling of the personal welfare information.

Alison Beyea, ACLU of Maine Executive Director, said the LePage administration violated federal laws against public disclosure of welfare recipients.

The Boston Herald claims a source within the LePage administration told them that Adnan Fazeli, former Freeport and Westbrook resident that died fighting for ISIS, had received Maine welfare assistance.

'The LePage administration reportedly exposed a family's private information in order to further its anti-welfare agenda. Who knows whom the next target will be – the elderly, people with disabilities,' said Beyea. 'No one should have to worry about their personal lives being leaked to the press anytime the administration wants to score political points. But if it happened to one family, it could happen to any of us.'

An affidavit from a Maine State Police detective, who was working for an FBI task force, states that Adnan Fazeli came to Maine in 2009.

Officials with the Westbrook Police Department confirmed Fazeli was a resident of the Westbrook Pointe apartment complex.