MAINE, Maine — President Trump wants to win Maine in the 2020 Presidential election and he is recruiting political ally and former Governor Paul LePage to do it. 

On Thursday, Sept. 5, President Trump's campaign and the Republican National Committee announced Paul LePage as the President's Honorary State Chair. 

LePage had previously told reporters he will help lead the Trump campaign in the state and will also work for Trump in Florida where he spends the winter, but Thursday's announcement makes that relationship official.

Also named was Elissa Coccola as Trump Victory Regional Political Director and Joe Turcotte as Trump Victory State Director. 

The trio was tapped to work on delivering a statewide victory for "President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot," according to a press release sent by Joe Turcotte.

Maine GOP Chair Demi Kouzounas says the trio is a team built to win. 

"I know beyond a doubt that President Trump's team, in partnership with the Maine GOP, is ready to win in 2020. With the support and training of so many Mainers at the grassroots level, the march to victory has already begun," Kouzounas said in a statement on Friday, Sept. 6. 

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LePage has long been a supporter of President Trump and recently was singing his praises for his handling of the economy along with other GOP leaders. 

Three of the biggest names in Maine Republican politics - former Governor Paul LePage, former Congressman Bruce Poliquin and former gubernatorial nominee Shawn Moody - joined two business owners to praise the Trump economy, recently telling reporters the low unemployment rate and growing economy are the result of tax cuts and other policies from President Trump.

“When you lower taxes, it's like going to Marden’s,” said LePage, a former executive of that company. “ When there’s a sale, put things on sale, you sell more. Lower taxes, people have more revenue to spend.”

That was echoed by Moody, who was the GOP nominee for governor in 2018.

“Trump’s policies promote working hard and sacrificing to get ahead and that’s what this country was built on and need to continue; policies matter,” Moody said. 

They called the policies of most Democratic presidential candidates “socialist,” and said Trump needs to be re-elected.

“It’s a completely different view,” LePage said. “It’s pro-capitalism versus socialism where we are headed down.

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Maine Democrats were quick to slam the GOP support for Trump, with party chair Kathleen Mara sending a written statement reading, in part, “President Donald Trump’s agenda in Washington gives corporations and the wealthy huge tax breaks while leaving many others behind. The nation’s deficit is set to exceed $1 trillion years earlier than expected."

But David Jones, owner of F.O. Bailey Real Estate and a leader of a Maine PAC that supported a Trump, said Trump is good for business.

“Do we want a thriving economy or do we want government involved with every single facet of our lives?”