AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — As lawmakers try to find enough votes to pass the new state budget, Gov. LePage and House Republicans are trying to make one more change to the current plan.

They want to eliminate the proposed $20 million increase in the lodging tax. Hoping to speed up the process, they are pushing to first pass the overall budget, then pass a bill to repeal the tax increase.

LePage sent a letter to the legislature late in the afternoon, saying he would sign the budget immediately without the tax.


GOP leader Rep. Ken Fredette was giving lawmakers and reporters copies of a new bill from the governor to repeal the tax increase as soon as a budget is passed. Fredette said he had been trying to persuade other legislative leaders to support that plan.

Before the first budget vote Friday, Sen. Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, offered to do the same thing to convince the governor to support the budget, but no bill was created at the time.