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Groups for, against Question 1 rally on ahead of Election Day

The No on 1 campaign, which supports the CMP corridor/NECEC, held a final campaign event in Augusta with folks who are currently building the corridor.

AUGUSTA, Maine — On Tuesday, November 2, Maine voters will head to the polls.

On Monday, the campaigns for and against Maine's ballot Question 1, the most expensive referendum in state history, made a final push to get their messages out.

The No on 1 group held its final event in Augusta on Tuesday, which focused on jobs. Around two-dozen people who are currently working to build the corridor were there.

Corridor engineer Nick Achorn was among the speakers who addressed the press.  

"I know I speak for myself and the hundreds of other workers when we say, 'let's all do the right thing, let's think about the next generation, and let's vote no on one,'" Achorn said.

CMP's Vice President of Electric Operations Adam Desrosiers said the project will employ hundreds of Mainers throughout the construction process. 

"We have over 400 Mainers working today on the project. At peak construction, sometime next spring, we'll have more than 1,600 workers working on this a day," Desrosiers said.

Construction of the corridor is slated to be complete in late 2023. 

Many at the rally argued that while the work building the corridor won't last forever, it will set a precedent for this kind of work in the state and "open doors." 

"Doors opening for innovation and doors opening for investment, and with those two things, careers will follow," Achorn said. 

"For everyone who is affiliated with this project, it's a resume builder and it's a steppingstone to their next career. So that's why I think it's so important we don't shut the door on this project because if we shut the door on this project we shut the door on many other projects that could come down the pipeline," Achorn said. 

Meanwhile, in Portland, the Yes on 1 campaign held a sign-waving rally in Monument Square. 

The Yes on 1 group, which opposes the corridor, will also hold a campaign event on Tuesday in Farmington.

Volunteer coordinator Cara Sacks said, "Mainers who want to reject the CMP corridor because it's a bad deal for Maine and because they don't trust CMP will be voting 'yes' tomorrow at the polls."

Sack's final message was about trust, fairness, and protecting Maine's natural landscape.

"This is really bad for Maine's environment. this is an important part of Maine's wilderness that Mainers want to see protected," Sacks said. 

Even if Yes on 1 prevails, the campaign's supporters say they're prepared for a prolonged fight.

"We don't necessarily expect it to be over," said Sacks. "This is a chance for Mainers to weigh in. Mainers have really wanted to have a voice in this project from the beginning. I'm sure CMP will have more to say if the yes side wins tomorrow night, but we hope it will be over."

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