SWANVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Gov. LePage said he will administer the oath of office to a new State Senator at a time of his choosing.

Susan Deschambault, a Democrat, won a special election in State Senate District 32. Her family accompanied her to the Maine State House last Friday to watch as Gov. LePage led her in the oath of office. But minutes before it was set to happen, the Governor took the ceremony off his schedule.

The Governor said he wanted to show Democrats that he was angry about their vote the previous day to oppose his nomination to the Unemployment Insurance Commission.

By law, Gov. LePage had five days from Friday to administer Deschambault's oath.

Two days after the ceremony was postponed, Gov. LePage attended the opening of a store in Swanville. When asked whether or not the oath would happen, he answered, " Yeah, she's going to be sworn in. But it's not on her schedule. My schedule is a little busier than hers."

When pressed further if he would be the person to administer the oath, he said, "Of course I am. You know, they kick you and beat you and slap you over the head. And then the very next morning at 8 o'clock, they're there before you put your briefcase down, your cup of coffee on the desk, they want to be sworn in. She will be sworn in according to the laws of the Constitution of the State of Maine."