BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- On Saturday, the Libertarian vice president, Gov. Bill Weld, came to speak with Bangor residents about the upcoming presidential election.

He spoke to dozens of people from all over the state at the Spectacular Event Center.

Audience members had the opportunity to ask him questions about foreign policy, the black lives matter movement, and the economy.

Although he says he and running mate, Gary Johnson, do not get as much attention as the other parties, the team is gaining momentum from doing political rallies like this- every day of the week.

"Most political pros would tell you that in the last two weeks of a big campaign, if you could choose between money, organization, or momentum, you want the big mo," he said.

People in the audience seemed to hear his message loud and clear.

"We need to find the people in the middle who are able to compromise and I think that especially having two former republican governors from democratic states, I think that speaks a lot about how they are able to compromise with both sides," said voter Zachary Cushing.

The team pegs technology as one of their most powerful tools. The live-streamed event brought in over 32,000 views.