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Former U.S. Senate candidate holds pro-Trump rally

Max Linn held a pro-Trump rally in Augusta on Saturday afternoon. Linn says his goal is to help Maine small businesses.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Saturday, 15-20 people attended a pro-Trump rally hosted by former U.S. Senate Candidate Max Linn at the State House in Augusta.

Linn is part of a Donald Trump Patriots group and says the number one goal of the organization is to help make government more financially responsible. He added that he planned this event before the incidents at the capitol earlier this week, which he attended.

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Linn said he did not go inside the Capitol like some others did and that it felt like there were two different events happening that day at the Capitol.

He added that while he supports President Trump, he thinks we as a nation need to move forward.

"We'd like to move forward the Biden administration is in, it's not exactly what we wanted but that's what we have and that's what America will accept and we'll wait for the next election to make change but I know my mission statement will be to help small businesses stay in business," Linn said.

He also said a huge part of what this rally was to show support for small businesses. Linn has been vocal against the COVID-19 lockdowns and mask mandates. He said he wants to get rid of government oversight.

He also said that he wants to talk about all these issues with Governor Janet Mills. He said he wants to have an open and honest conversation with Governor Janet Mills and do so on live TV.

We've reached out to governor Mills' office for comment and haven't heard back.