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Former Gov. Paul Lepage will wait until fall to announce potential gubernatorial run

Former Gov. Paul Lepage told NEWS CENTER Maine's Don Carrigan his plans are not set in stone.

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — In a television interview Thursday morning, former Republican Gov. Paul Lepage seemed to announce that he would rerun for Maine governor.

WAGM-TV reporter Shawn Cunningham asked, "Can we see an inkling of maybe you'll be throwing your hat back in?" 

"Uh, you're very observant. The answer is yes. We are working on it. I want to see what happens this year with the election," LePage answered. "My wife and I have a home in Florida, but we will be here in March and April and I won't go back until next winter but we're gonna be residents in Maine."

LePage clarified his statements to NEWS CENTER Maine's Don Carrigan. 

LePage told Carrigan, “The formal decision will not be made until after the election, and with my wife going all in.” He also said for right now he is “going to watch and listen,” and there will be several key factors that will guide the decision.

"We are looking for a home in Maine. I will be a Maine resident again," LePage said.

LePage also told Carrigan he wants to see what happens in fall elections, including the corridor referendum. He said defeat of the corridor “would be a disaster for the future prosperity of Maine.”

LePage started a firestorm of social media reaction while on WAGM with former Rep. Dale Craft Thursday morning.

LePage also said he has started to initiate 'exploratory functions' for a gubernatorial campaign.

This story will be updated.

In an exclusive to Newssource 8,this morning, former Maine Governor Paul Lepage confirms he will rerun for Maine Governor. In an interview alongside Former State Rep. Dale Craft who has recently thrown his hat in the Maine Congressional Race, LePage tells Newssource 8 he has regained residency in the state and will begin exploratory functions for a gubernatorial recampaign effort.

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