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Activist groups intensify political efforts over supreme court vacancy

Don’t be surprised if your phone or inbox become even more crowded with political messages.

PORTLAND, Maine — Following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, causing a vacancy on the Supreme Court, anti-Trump activist groups in Maine say they are increasing efforts to defeat Senator Susan Collins, as well as defeat the President.

Those Democratic and progressive opposition groups have been working to defeat since Donald Trump since he was elected four years ago, but the Supreme Court fight over Brett Kavanaugh increased their focus on Senator Susan Collins. Now, with another Supreme Court fight beginning, leaders of the “Indivisible” movement and Mainers for Accountable Leadership both say they will intensify their campaign.

“We had double the amount of people on the phones last night as last week and will have double again Thursday. We will have more next week. We have people who will be mobilizing in opposition...Democracy is on the line with this election,” Follayttar said.

Other anti-Trump groups, such as Lincoln County Indivisible, are focused on more local efforts, but also say a Supreme Court vacancy six weeks before the election has ramped up all the opposition groups.

"If they can get another Supreme Court justice there it gives them a 6 to 3 ability if there is a contested election to maybe halt the recounts,” said group leader Nigel Calder.

For her part, Senator Collins clarified her comments about the process on Tuesday. Collins said over the weekend she wants the nomination of a new justice to wait until after the election, so the choice can be made by the man who wins the race to be the next President. On Tuesday, Collins added more detail, telling reporters she will not vote for any Court nominee prior to the election.

The opposition groups say that assurance doesn’t matter, that they still want Collins defeated and that campaign efforts will continue to intensify in the remaining six weeks until Election Day.