WATERVILLE, Maine — LD 1760... An Act To Support Children's Healthy Development and School Readiness is being proposed by Senate President Troy Jackson (D-Allagash).

This bill will not only provide childcare... but will give parents the resources many people need to get back on their feet.

"For employers to have people who can leave the home. Feel safe and not be worried about their kids being in a good facility. I mean those employees are more productive," Senate President Jackson said.

A similar program is already in place in the Skowhegan school district.

"North elementary pre-K and early headstart are not just programs. They're not just child care. They are a vital and important part of my family," Kaitlin Taylor, a parent from that school district said.

The model does this by providing a space for children to learn and play as well as a place for parents to do schoolwork, apply for jobs and find resources to secure permanent housing.

This program has already begun in some places across the state, and according to Taylor is already making an impact.

There will likely be a public hearing on this bill next month.

As far as funding for the bill goes, education officials say this program is going to be partially funded by grants and private donations.

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