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Cory Booker visited Thompson's Point for 2020 presidential campaign

Booker stopped at Thompson's Point in Portland on Saturday with three goals in mind: justice, opportunity and American leadership.

PORTLAND, Maine — Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker, visited Maine for the first time as a candidate Saturday. The senator from New Jersey spoke to nearly 300 people at Thompson's Point in Portland, about healthcare, climate change, and American values.

"I believe we can heal this country, bring us together, create new American majorities to improve lives," said Senator Booker.

The 2020 hopeful said his plan to address the threat of climate change is to build a 100% carbon neutral economy by 2045.

"We can do that by investing in not just fuel efficiency, but with environmental justice as well," said Senator Booker.

He said he will work with allies, amid the U.S. trade was with China, which is affecting the lobster business here in Maine.

"It gives us more leverage, more strength, and will result in more compliance, not what the president is doing right now by taxing his own citizens," said Senator Booker.

According to Sen. Booker's campaign website, Sen. Booker was born 50 years ago in Newark, New Jersey. When his parents tried to find housing in Newark 50 years ago, they were met with racism.

In a release from Sen. Booker's press contact, Booker shared, "Every time they would show up to try to buy a house in the places with the best public schools, a real estate agent would greet them and see that we were a black family and say, 'No, I'm sorry, this house is already sold. You can't move into this home.'”

According to his release, from an early age, Sen. Booker understood the meaning of being treated unfairly, which is why he is looking to bring justice to all living beings- from animals, those with disabilities, those apart of the LGBTQ+ community, and many more. 

Opportunities Sen. Booker wants to make available to all are health care, public education, housing, and college and workforce training. 

In addition, Sen. Booker says he looks to improve American leadership by improving the United States National Security, where he wants to work closely with our allies, giving our men and women in uniform the support they deserve, and creating responsible and comprehensive strategy for military operations. 

Maine GOP fired a shot across Sen. Booker's bow before his visit.

“Despite skipping out on his day job as Senator, Cory Booker thinks he deserves a promotion. If Mainers want a glimpse of a Booker presidency, they need look no further than his disastrous record as mayor of Newark.  Mainers will reject flakey politicians like Booker, and choose President Trump, who has reliably delivered on his promises of a booming economy and more secure border,” said RNC Spokesperson Nina McLaughlin.


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